Disinfectant Cleaning

Coronavirus continues to spread through Florida. Keeping homes and businesses clean is one of the greatest challenges our community faces in the mission to slow the outbreak. If anyone in your household has been sick with coronavirus, you must disinfect the area for the sake of everyone else. If any member of your family is at increased risk for severe infection, it is important to regularly sanitize your home. If you own any retail store or commercial property, the entire public counts on you to keep your space clean.

New research shows the virus remains viable on certain surfaces for as long as three days. This means you can be exposed to coronavirus even if you did not occupy the same space at the same time as an infected individual. This is especially significant for commercial property owners, as countless community members pass through your space.

Those who carry coronavirus are often not aware of it until well after exposure. In some cases, symptoms do not show up for 14 days. Do not wait to find out that your retail store or office has been exposed to coronavirus. For the sake of your customers, your employees, your community, and yourself, behave as if your property has most certainly been contaminated. Deep clean regularly.

Also bear in mind that serious sanitization and disinfection practices don’t just kill germs. They also provide peace of mind for your patrons. At a time when it feels dangerous to walk out the front door, your attention to sanitization provides some much-needed reassurance.